We would like to point out location of “Montroyal” as we all know that one of the most important factors, if not the most important, when choosing real estate is its location.

We would like to talk about every advantage of Benidorm and the area where “Montroyal” complex is situated one by one, comparing them with other regions and cities in Spain.

1. Benidorm is a sui generis city of skyscrapers. You will never confuse it with any other city in Europe. Recognisable and distinctive views of Benidorm make many advertisement and touristic brochures stand out. Benidorm is often compared to Manhattan, Miami and Los Angeles.

2. Surrounded by mountains Benidorm has a unique microclimate. For example, it may be raining in near-by towns, but not in Benidorm. Time ago, travel agencies in Benidorm even had a slogan saying “if you go on holiday to Benidorm, and at least one day is rainy we will refund your tour”. Average day temperature in the winter is 15-18 centigrade, and 26-30 in the summer. 320 days a year are sunny. This dry and sunny climate allows for sixth month long beach season, from May to October (inclusive). Sunbathing in Benidorm is possible from April to November.

3. It is interesting that sea is 3 degrees warmer in Benidorm than in the neighbouring Albir and Altea due to difference in depth. In Benidorm all currents run at a certain distance from the shore – the beach in Benidorm is an extensive bay.

4. The best beaches of Costa Blanca North receive “Blue Flag” awards for water quality, safety, the provision of services and general environmental criteria. Sand on the beaches is sieved by special machines every morning. Moreover Benidorm beaches offer free Wi-Fi zones, playgrounds and even mobile libraries, where you may not only take a book to read during your holiday or play table games, but also recharge any mobile device. Ramps for prams and wheelchairs are available for comfort of holiday-makers.

5. The city does not rest on its laurels, but constantly improves and develops: new facilities, places get open, communications and parks get better.

6. Other resort cities often are deserted in winter, all summer attractions and services disappear. In Benidorm is lively and dynamic all year round.

7. Eventful cultural scene. Festivals, concerts, shows, carnivals take place in the city several times a year.

8. There is a cliché that Benidorm is a warren, but it is not true. There are 5 districts, including Poniente – one of the most tranquil and quiet districts in the city, and the closest to “Montroyal” complex.

9. “Montroyal” complex (situated in the most exclusive district of Benidorm) invites to relaxed and hasteless vacations. This upscale neighbourhood is designed and suitable for well off people, as real estate in the district is pretty expensive. One of our clients once asked us to find a place where he would have near-by all the movement: places to go for a walk, for a drink or meal, recreation, social life, attractions for children, sports venues, get vivid impressions and at the same time enjoy easy life in peace and quietness. We found all this in “Montroyal” district”

10. Transport accessibility. “Montroyal” complex is situated close to gateways leading to national road and highway. In 1 kilometre there is a station where you can take a suburban electric train to any town on the coast. International airport is 25-30 minutes’ drive away. The airport was recently refurbished and extended due to increased number of flights to our region, which indicates growing popularity of local resorts. However our prices are still lower than in some widely promoted resorts.

11. Our clients who decided on living in the region, with time become more and more convinced with the choice they made, for a variety of causes: - exclusive neighbourhood with 24 hours safety; - peace and quietness; - Infrastructure includes sidewalks, public lighting, green areas where squirrels and rabbits live ☺ Unlike “Monroyal” private housing areas in Spain, often lack sidewalks and public lighting, so even a simple walk near your house might be quite difficult. The best multilevel motorway junctions – in 2 minutes you get to AP7 highway or N332 national road, which will take you to any city in the country. Moreover in one kilometre from “Montroyal” you will find all supermarkets and commercial shops.

12. Near “Montroyal” you will find some outstanding restaurants for any taste.

13. By no means unimportant – in Benidorm and surroundings there is a choice of educational centres for children: summer schools, language courses, children gardens and schools (private and public). For example, not far from “Montroyal” there are two private schools: Spanish Lope de Vega and British Elians. In British school your chid will get two diplomas: Spanish and British. British system of education enables school leavers continue with their education either in Britain or in Spain. Advanced level of both languages (English and Spanish) gives your child many opportunities after leaving the school.

14. After finishing school your child may continue studies in one of the best universities of Spain. University in Valencia is in the top five universities of Spain by every measure. University of Alicante is twentieth in Spain (out of 260 universities). Despite being founded in 1979 it is already one of the most dynamically developing Universities. By some parameters university of Alicante is in the top five in Spain.

15. Expert medical care. In Benidorm you will find 2 modern public hospitals and 3 private medical centres.

16. We also want to call your attention to friendliness, exceptional service and hospitability of Valencians. Spaniards are certainly extraordinary and friendly, but Costa Blanca is the place where you notice it specially. It is probably sun that makes people so cheerful ☺ General attitude towards foreigners in Spain is very friendly in all aspects, including in the banking system.

17. Safety. Local police and other municipal services safeguard peace and order around-the-clock. For example, rescuers and medical staff are always on duty on the beaches. Maybe due to the quantity of police on the streets, in Benidorm you will not see illegal immigrants, as you will in other cities in Europe.

18. Moreover, in Benidorm and surroundings you will find: - 2 waterparks – Aqualandia and Aquanatura - Amusement park – Terramitica (similar to Disneyland) - Zoo – Terranatura - Marine animal park – Mundomar - Concert hall Benidorm Palace (our “Moulin Rouge”)- 2 Safari parks - Castle with knightly tournaments show;- A few equestrian sport clubs, where you can enjoy company of the animals and participate in a walk on a horseback; - Water sports venue; - Various recreational ports where you can rent a yacht; - Boat tours, diving and sailing centres;- Extreme sports: rafting, rock-climbing, canyoning, kayaking, etc.- Several golf courses; - Modern commercial centres; - All sorts of sports centres for children and adults; - Trekking and hiking among beautiful landscapes and views: Algar waterfalls, museum-village Guadalest (one of the most visited sites in Spain), Dinosaur Park in a cactus garden, palm parks and many nature reserves.

In one word, Benidorm is a kind of polygon of so many different facets that it may “take the whole family under its wing”, and there is something especially for everyone.